Mornings and Such

my boy

my girls

my girls

I don’t know about other moms but mornings are difficult. Rushing to get out the door in time, finishing what I should have done the night before. What I need to do and what I do. One teen, and 2 under 4 is not a great combo. Moodiness from both girls and the boy, well he is a boy. And heaven help the picky souls. It took me forever to find jeans and pants my 4 year old girl would wear. I think this would have to do with the ADD. I didn’t realize I was ADD until my then 3rd grader was diagnosed. As a parent what I face being ADD and trying to keep a household running smoothly  is super duper tough. What was my point here? Oh, that my blog may be somewhat scattered like me.  A little of this a little of that.


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