Easter Wreath

Procrastination is my worst enemy. I have been wanting to make a Spring wreath since, well post Valentines. But I wanted to use fresh flowers and a bird’s nest. Yet, none of those things presented themselves to me. Then yesterday my hubby & I were doing yard work and a small branch had broken off a tree with a perfect little birds nest attached. There we go! I clipped a few wild growing flowers and added the bird’s nest. Now for the eggs. My options were quite limited so I wound up using Play-doh.



(And if you drop it in the dirt it will make perfect little brown specks!)


Isn’t the bird’s nest perfect?

I think it turned out quite pretty. And I am might proud of my play-doh eggs if I do say so myself. I am guessing it won’t look like that tomorrow though! A little wilting wisteria anyone?


Farmer’s Market

Years ago when our town started a Farmer’s Market downtown it was a heaven-sent. Every Saturday 9-12  an abundance of wonderful, local produce, dairy and meats are sold. Not only is it a great shopping experience but my kids have learned a lot over the years. For instance one evening we were eating canned corn. My 4-year-old daughter inquisitively asked, ‘Where did this corn come from?’ I told her I bought it at the grocery store, that it came out of a can. She said,  ‘well, I like the kind you get at the market on the stick’.  Lol. Of course she meant corn on the cob. I explained that it was out of season right now. That fresh corn is usually grown in the summer. ‘Oh’, she said. Being the older of my youngest she has caught on to the fact that certain veggies are grown at certain times of the year. Just like when she got super pissed there were no more strawberries at the market. Sometimes we learn the hard way!

Right now we use the online farmers market in our town. Same great stuff ordered online and picked up weekly. Our downtown farmer’s market starts up soon and I can’t wait to share with you some of the wonderful produce we bring back and tell you about some of our wonderful, dedicated farmers.

The Dark Days



When it’s been gone for a long time, and revisits – you don’t quite recognize it at first. Lethargy, irritability, crying spells. Then it comes on like a long-lost pal and smacks you right in the face. Hard. Really Hard. It takes control and doesn’t want to let go. The darkness in some moments is overwhelming. Depression has nothing to do with all the little blessings running around. It has everything to do with your brain. Depression doesn’t discriminate. Well maybe it does. A little. Because in good times it doesn’t come as often. But this time boy did it walk right in. Genetics is a huge part of my depression. It runs in the family.

It sucks to be predisposed for such an evil reaper. It really does. Those little blessings are where I look in those dark moments to help me climb out. Maybe that’s why they are here.

Heilala Vanilla!!!


All the way from Tauranga, New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a really nice surprise from the post office this morning-all the way from New Zealand!!! I entered a drawing for a wonderful gift from Heilala Vanilla courtesy of Weelicious. Two Weelicious readers were chosen and I was one of the winners. How awesome is that? First of all who doesn’t love vanilla? And from New Zealand makes it even more special because of course I have always wanted to go there. Weelicious is my favorite go to site for kid friendly, healthy recipes. If you haven’t checked Weelicious out go over and try out one of Catherine’s awesome recipes!

I look foward to trying the vanilla products I received. Which to choose first? Vanilla syrup, vanilla paste, vanilla beans, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract? I got a recipe book and a gorgeous tea towel as well. And for someone who would never, ever treat herself to such wonderful products it really is special!!




Be on the look out for a vanilla recipe coming soon!

Old Lamp, New Lamp

I have had this lamp sitting around in this corner or that, lonely, collecting dust. Rather bronzy in color and a taupe-ish shade.


So I decided to paint it for my daughters bedroom.get-attachment-1.aspx


Lots of nooks and crannies to get into.

And I couldn’t decide to buy a new shade or try to paint (eeekk) the one I had. I went for it!


I just used acrylic paint for the shade. I really didn’t know if it would work but it did. I think it turned out pretty cute.


It went from a drab, dusty corner to a teenagers nightstand- all pink and perky!

Hidden Colors

Artificial colors. They are everywhere and in everything. Literally. When I started reading labels I was blown away at the added food coloring. Pie crusts, yogurt, cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice-cream- I could go on and on. The effects of food coloring are listed from hyperactivity, cancer, allergies and more. I have read article after article about limiting and reducing these in your childs diet to help with ADD/ADHD symptoms. And unless you switch to making everything from scratch or buying organic that is going to be one hard task. I learned to read everything. Trust nothing that I didn’t make with my own hands. It was super challenging. How am I to make a red velvet cake without food dye? How am I to make a colorful birthday cake for my kids without food coloring in the icing?

I learned. I read. I found.

One blogger mom helped me immensely. Catherine McCord founder of Weelicious.com. A momma determined to find better substitutes for some of the common food we grew up on- often containing food coloring and lots of preservatives. Oreos, fig newtons, casseroles made with canned soup, animal crackers, vanilla wafers- just to name a few. I have learned to substitute juice from beets, berries, even kale to make colorful icing. Even using zest from lemons and oranges! Feeding our families healthy nourishing food can be a task these days. But it can be done with lots of dedication!


And these cakes….they are homemade. Obvious is it? And just immediate family saw them-no worries. 🙂



Little Number Tote

I bought this little caddy at a local shop.


A better paintbrush brush would have help. Not perfect by any means.

A better paintbrush brush would have helped. Not perfect by any means.

It was a cute little wood tote with cubby dividers. Perfect for pencils, paintbrushes, markers…..whatever you wish! I painted the number 2 on with chalk paint, then painted over it with milk paint. Then sanded lightly to bring the 2 out. Wahlah!Image