Hidden Colors

Artificial colors. They are everywhere and in everything. Literally. When I started reading labels I was blown away at the added food coloring. Pie crusts, yogurt, cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice-cream- I could go on and on. The effects of food coloring are listed from hyperactivity, cancer, allergies and more. I have read article after article about limiting and reducing these in your childs diet to help with ADD/ADHD symptoms. And unless you switch to making everything from scratch or buying organic that is going to be one hard task. I learned to read everything. Trust nothing that I didn’t make with my own hands. It was super challenging. How am I to make a red velvet cake without food dye? How am I to make a colorful birthday cake for my kids without food coloring in the icing?

I learned. I read. I found.

One blogger mom helped me immensely. Catherine McCord founder of Weelicious.com. A momma determined to find better substitutes for some of the common food we grew up on- often containing food coloring and lots of preservatives. Oreos, fig newtons, casseroles made with canned soup, animal crackers, vanilla wafers- just to name a few. I have learned to substitute juice from beets, berries, even kale to make colorful icing. Even using zest from lemons and oranges! Feeding our families healthy nourishing food can be a task these days. But it can be done with lots of dedication!


And these cakes….they are homemade. Obvious is it? And just immediate family saw them-no worries. 🙂




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