Farmer’s Market

Years ago when our town started a Farmer’s Market downtown it was a heaven-sent. Every Saturday 9-12  an abundance of wonderful, local produce, dairy and meats are sold. Not only is it a great shopping experience but my kids have learned a lot over the years. For instance one evening we were eating canned corn. My 4-year-old daughter inquisitively asked, ‘Where did this corn come from?’ I told her I bought it at the grocery store, that it came out of a can. She said,  ‘well, I like the kind you get at the market on the stick’.  Lol. Of course she meant corn on the cob. I explained that it was out of season right now. That fresh corn is usually grown in the summer. ‘Oh’, she said. Being the older of my youngest she has caught on to the fact that certain veggies are grown at certain times of the year. Just like when she got super pissed there were no more strawberries at the market. Sometimes we learn the hard way!

Right now we use the online farmers market in our town. Same great stuff ordered online and picked up weekly. Our downtown farmer’s market starts up soon and I can’t wait to share with you some of the wonderful produce we bring back and tell you about some of our wonderful, dedicated farmers.


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