Time after Time

I am horrible at time management. I need help. Seriously. I feel like I can never get anything done. I don’t know if it’s the a.d.d. or the overwhelming responsibilities of being a mom of 3 + hubby. I have tried making daily chore lists but I never stick to them. Something always gets in the way– like mainly my brain. The monotony of housework. The monotony of motherhood.  This is just one of those ‘band head here’ days!!!


Make me Pretty Again

A new local shop called Nostaglia had an isty bitsy blooper outside on their window. I won a sample of La Craie paint in Colette by finding the mistake!  It was definitely one of the colors I was hoping for. It’s a new shade and a beautiful blue. I had an old shelf my mom made years ago under my bed collecting dust.

Dingy and Yellowish

Dingy and Yellowish ( and please excuse my filthy door and rug!!)

I felt this was just the size for the amount of paint I had. And I still have some left over for a frame for two.


I’m so pretty now!!

I believe it will go in my youngest daughters room. It will probably hold stuffed animals, and little dolls, maybe some small books too.

P.S. Check out Nostalgia! I have been so inspired by their owners Debbie of RefreshRestyle and Jamie of Southern Revivals.