Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation. WooHoo!!!


I am feeling very confident that I will accomplish much needed house cleaning and organization during the summer. No getting up, running here, running there everyday. It can be so time-consuming carrying and picking kids up from school! There is a lot on my list. First off I plan to tackle the mounds and mounds of clothes everywhere. Dirty clothes. Clean clothes. Unfolded clothes. Too little clothes. Old clothes. Sheesh. That wears me out just thinking about. One step at a time. I know I can’t conquer it all in one day, one week or even one month. Well, I take that back. Two weeks would be great. That’s my goal. Man I am going to go through some laundry detergent! Speaking of laundry detergent. My favorite is by The Honest Company. If feels great knowing I use something that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. Here’s to Summer Cleaning!