Garage Sale Frame Redo

I haven’t properly gotten into the before and after picture thing. I am so impulsive I just start a project on a whim. This frame I found at a garage sale–it was just brown wood. I was going to photo it before and the process but my camera battery was dead. I promise that is truth. I really made a big, big mess with this. I had an old cork board that was beat up from my daughter’s room. It was about to go in the trash when I had an epiphany. Yes, an epiphany. I decided to wrap it in the burlap I had put under my Christmas tree. Since all that stuff was packed up I had to go searching and pulling out stuff. Which meant the kids got into everything I pulled out. GRRR!!! I cut the cork board which was backed in some sort of cardboard something. And it made a huge mess. It cut unevenly and tore. But I eventually got the burlap on, then taped it with gorilla tape. Yep, that’s how I roll. Then I nailed it to the frame. Then all out-of-order I painted the frame with milkpaint. Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter to be exact. It is some good stuff and really goes a long, long way with just a little. Waxed it up and TaDa!!


Then I glued some tacks on a few scrabble letters  and on a few tiny clothespins. Then I put Washi tape on the clothespins. I got those ideas from Pinterest. Cute! Love WASHI tape! So what do you think?


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