In my teens I wrote poetry or half drunk love depressed scribblings. I drew. I had creative ideas.When I fell for my husband my writing waned off. I was happy for once. I wasn’t all depressed wallowing in my sorrow. I think I read somewhere a lot of poets and artists were suffering from depression or insanity. That explains a lot, right?  Then I had my first daughter. Then life took hold.  All the while my creativity continued on it’s path deep inside. I don’t know why or how. If it was a subconscious thing where I couldn’t balance being a mom, being a wife, being a homemaker so I just keep it inside. Then 2 more kids came along pretty darn close together. I was frazzled and consumed by mommyhood. A bit depressed too.

I’ve never really decorated my home much. The lack of money for extras was my reasoning. I started reading blogs. A couple in particular caught my interest on social media. I started realizing that you can totally remake & refresh spaces on a budget & with what you already have. Painting furniture really got me dazzled.  It’s amazing what you can do with old worn out furniture and paint! It breathes in new life! As I mentioned a couple of local bloggers caught my eye. Debbie of RefreshRestyle and Jamie of SouthernRevivals. They literally have been my awakening and inspiration. Thank you girls!!!

Awesome quote to remember!

Awesome quote to remember!

Teacher’s gift made from cutting board

I am still consumed with being a wife, mother, and homemaker but I am letting the creativity out a little at a time.

BEACH sign made from old wood

BEACH sign made from old wood


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I’m right there with you. I’m trying to change moods and energies by changing my space — on a budge. Like you, I resisted decorating. I think in my mind I was never settled in where I was so decorating seemed like giving up, then I didn’t want to be crafty. But now, I gotta deal with what I have now and then when I move (and I will) I’ll do it again.

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