Coffee & Sunshine

CSC_0161-1Good Morning Sunshine! Bright and early at 6:45. Mom I’m hungry, Mommy I want some milk!!! Why is it when you have kids it takes so much longer to wake up? You know those mornings when you don’t finish getting to all the dirty dishes in the sink? The evenings when you have to stop the dishwasher so you can wash your husband some clean underwear? Because in this house I can’t run the any water at the same time. Resulting in like I said a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. And no room to wash my coffee press. S–T–A–R–B–U–C–K–S!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you please just be in my kitchen on mornings like this. With the every so cheery baristas and glass case full of pastries ready to be eaten? Please??? It would be my dream to be handed a latte of my choice first thing when I am barely awake enough to step out of bed.

But not today. Good morning leftover coffee in the fridge waiting to be reheated. Smile, it’s a new day!


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