My friend Peg

Everytime I go to Target they usually have those cute little buckets in the dollar spot section. So I grab one or two. Well I have ended up with more than I can figure out how to  contain properly. So after much consideration I decided we needed a pegboard above the kids drawing/craft table.  All the tutorials had you nailing into the walls. It looked complicated. I don’t like complicated. So I thought glue, velcro wall sticky things–that should do it!

So with much further ado

#1 buy pegboard- cut it yourself or get your hardware store to cut it. I bought mine at Lowes and had them cut it.

#2 Buy these flat wood boards- Have them cut to size-I also bought these at Lowes. You get the idea, right?

#3 Wood glue

#4 Command wall hanging strips. I used 4. Depending on the size of the pegboard you many use more.



Glue on back of pegboard.


Wood attached, command strips on


My arrow. I have the hardest time with arrows! Not perfect but it will do.

IMG_0452 2

Painted, hung, and a couple of buckets up!