Me First!!!!


What does this picture and quote say to you?

To many it may say -I am strong, I will get it together. I will keep moving forward.

To me it says-

I will mask my sadness, my anger, my feelings.
I will hide behind a facade of perfection.
I will look attractive to please you.
I will self medicate.
I will keep this relationship together if it kills me.
I will serve my mate even if he is abusive.
I will put my life on the back burner to satisfy others.
I will put myself second to everyone.

Because last night I realized why I never had clean panties!! I wash everyones clothes but my own first! I put their needs above mine.

I think as wives, as daughters, as mothers, as caretakers, this by far is our biggest and greatest challenge–to put our needs first.


Cast and Crew

Mind you I don’t wear yoga pants. My daughter does. She covers her ass which is a good thing since she inherited mine. Some don’t cover theirs. One day they will see a picture of their ass and realize that tshirt should have been longer. I digress. This is about the whole Christian I shall cover my body with non revealing clothing or I shall put other men into the pits of hell with their longing for my ass and other nonmentionables. Most men and women have weaknesses. They are butt or boob men. Some women seriously look at a mans crotch to try to gage how he measures up. One blog post I read the woman had a serious problem with suits. Me. Tom Hardy is MY weakness. Did you see how I capitalized that MY? That is showing possession of Tom Hardy. And mens eyes have always always been a problem for me. I am not sure if I see some edgeiness, some hurt, some serious psychological problems, some addiction issues, some bad boyness, some impulsiveness, some really good sex or what. But it’s there and I like it. I need it. So all I need to have thoughts I shouldn’t since I am married is HIS FACE. HIS EYES. HIS LIPS. Ok, I’ll admit I could do with a bit of a tattoo playing peek-a-boo too.