Me First!!!!


What does this picture and quote say to you?

To many it may say -I am strong, I will get it together. I will keep moving forward.

To me it says-

I will mask my sadness, my anger, my feelings.
I will hide behind a facade of perfection.
I will look attractive to please you.
I will self medicate.
I will keep this relationship together if it kills me.
I will serve my mate even if he is abusive.
I will put my life on the back burner to satisfy others.
I will put myself second to everyone.

Because last night I realized why I never had clean panties!! I wash everyones clothes but my own first! I put their needs above mine.

I think as wives, as daughters, as mothers, as caretakers, this by far is our biggest and greatest challenge–to put our needs first.


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