Let’s bash Gwyneth!

All these mom bloggers bashing Gwyneth Paltrow has gotten so flipping old.  Every time she does something it’s game for new material because you guys don’t have any. You don’t like GOOP, dont read it!! I myself love GOOP with the exception the fashion. Because #1 to pay $500 for a shirt makes me want to throw up. All the money I have goes to my kids clothes. So I am lucky to get at $30 pair of jeans once a year. Anywoo- I bypass the fashion part because that is unattainable to me. But her recipes are great. I just made a very simple carrot soup since we have all been sick with a stomach virus. It’s been feeding us for days. There have been so many great pieces on self-help type stuff I can’t list them all. All the contribtors are excellent. From mental health, PPD, food, food allergies/sensitivities, the food industry, marriage/divorce, religion/spirituality, the list goes on and on.

So just stop. Stop personally bashing Gwyneth. It’s immature and lame. Not to mention it is cyberbullying from a bunch of women who are supposed to support one another.



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