The Politics of Fear

Scenario #1-

Teachers announce to a class of first graders they can use the boys or girls bathrooms. Cheers erupt. The boys rush into the girls bathroom. A few girls go in the boys bathroom. Taunting ensues. Chaos. Kids pulling out their genitals. Parents are called. Parents raise hell. Parents protest school rules.

Scenario #2- 

The school board, principals and teachers go over the new rules. They alert parents to the changes. The one transgender child who was transitioning into a boy at 5 still uses the boys bathroom as he was approved to do years ago. No one is discriminated against. Bathrooms are used as they normally are. 
Which scenario will happen do you think? Which scenario is being fed to you on news or social media?

The FEAR that is ensuing all over. That boys will ambush girls bathrooms. The fear. The unfounded fear. It seems the only people going into others bathrooms are the ones trying to prove a point they can go into any bathroom. Why? To show some muscle? To instill fear into moms and dads? Those peeping toms have been peeping since there were windows, bathroom stalls, outhouses, and woods. Those rapists, those child molesters are next door. In your family. In your neighborhood. In your church. In your school. 

Stop vilifying transgender people. Stop vilifying gays who dress masculine or feminine. We are all God’s children. Made with the same hands. Made to walk this earth the same as you and me with a heart and soul. Tender hearts whose suicide rate among youth is one of the highest. 

To me this is about equality. To me this is about humans not being discriminated against. An equal right to stand in dignity. So if that transgender identifies as a woman she has a right to go into the woman’s bathroom where she feels comfortable. Not a man’s bathroom where the males most likely will taunt her. 

The fear-mongering amongst certain groups is so disheartening. It’s so unfounded. So think about it. Don’t let the fear of something unknown or uncomfortable create justification for hate. 


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