Back to Schedule, Continue Infinite Chaos

During the summer the kids get up super early. During the school the kids get up super early. I can only keep in mind it’s only 10 years to teenage years when they will be sleeping until noon. NOON. Yippeee!!! My stress level has been through the roof these past 3 weeks. My stress level was through the roof during the summer too. So, obviously I need to make some changes.

#1  take better care of myself-which means stop stress eating, start exercising daily -even if it’s a couple of sit ups or run around the house with kids

#2  do a meal plan weekly–this will reduce evening ‘what the hell are we going to have for supper?’ stress

#3  one day during the week get out of the house-BESIDES THE GROCERY STORE!!!!!

#4  try to plan home school for the week-this is unchartered territory

Enough of that. I could go on, and on, and on.

My husband has been working 6 days a week for a while now. He leaves before it’s light and gets home at 7. It has been exhausting on all of us. The kids miss their daddy. I miss him. I think. And having little help around the house is really getting to me. I am not exactly Hilda Homemaker or whatever her name is. There are constantly dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes thrown wherever. The teen is constantly annoyed at the messes and stays in her room most of the time. The kids are like 2 mini tornadoes wreaking havoc on every room in the house. The boy knocks things down, tears things up, takes things apart. Meanwhile, I am spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do next.

Now, my writing time is up. I have to go do housework. Tomorrow however, I plan to paint a piece of furniture. That always makes me feel better. TTFN.


The Dark Days



When it’s been gone for a long time, and revisits – you don’t quite recognize it at first. Lethargy, irritability, crying spells. Then it comes on like a long-lost pal and smacks you right in the face. Hard. Really Hard. It takes control and doesn’t want to let go. The darkness in some moments is overwhelming. Depression has nothing to do with all the little blessings running around. It has everything to do with your brain. Depression doesn’t discriminate. Well maybe it does. A little. Because in good times it doesn’t come as often. But this time boy did it walk right in. Genetics is a huge part of my depression. It runs in the family.

It sucks to be predisposed for such an evil reaper. It really does. Those little blessings are where I look in those dark moments to help me climb out. Maybe that’s why they are here.