The Target Angel

Me and the monkeys (the monkeys and I) went to the new Whole Foods, Target, and Home Depot the other day. It’s about an hours drive away. First mistake: eat a good breakfast before going multi-store shopping with your kids. We hit Home Depot first then Target. Of course no one wanted to stay in the buggy. An owl neck would have come in handy. That way I wouldn’t constantly be turning in circles to see where the other one went thinking in that split second I’ve lost one. I know how it feels to get lost. I lost my mom in TJ&Y once. Not fun.

So, by the time I was done I had more stuff than I meant to get. Who doesn’t when they go to Target? I must have looked very stressed by the time I got to checkout. The woman asked how I was doing today. Normal. Then she asked me how I felt. No so normal. I told her I had a bit of a headache, that I hadn’t eaten yet and was tired. Then she asked if I took vitamins. Then told me to eat plenty of green vegetables and drink a lot of water. She asked if I slept. She asked what was bothering me. Well, I thought. I was honest. Finances, marriage, kids, life. She told me to give it to the Lord. Just give it to the Lord. She asked if my husband had a job. Yes, I said. Do you have a roof over your head?  Yes, I said. Everyone healthy? Yes, I said.  She said, Give it to the Lord. You’ll be ok. Read Psalm 23.

I was almost in tears by the time I walked off. You never know when you are going run into a person who is kind and caring beyond belief to a perfect stranger. She only told me a bit about herself- that her second job was causing her so much stress. That she couldn’t sleep.

I said a prayer as soon as I left for her. You never know where or when God is going to speak to you.


Make me Pretty Again

A new local shop called Nostaglia had an isty bitsy blooper outside on their window. I won a sample of La Craie paint in Colette by finding the mistake!  It was definitely one of the colors I was hoping for. It’s a new shade and a beautiful blue. I had an old shelf my mom made years ago under my bed collecting dust.

Dingy and Yellowish

Dingy and Yellowish ( and please excuse my filthy door and rug!!)

I felt this was just the size for the amount of paint I had. And I still have some left over for a frame for two.


I’m so pretty now!!

I believe it will go in my youngest daughters room. It will probably hold stuffed animals, and little dolls, maybe some small books too.

P.S. Check out Nostalgia! I have been so inspired by their owners Debbie of RefreshRestyle and Jamie of Southern Revivals.

Heilala Vanilla!!!


All the way from Tauranga, New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a really nice surprise from the post office this morning-all the way from New Zealand!!! I entered a drawing for a wonderful gift from Heilala Vanilla courtesy of Weelicious. Two Weelicious readers were chosen and I was one of the winners. How awesome is that? First of all who doesn’t love vanilla? And from New Zealand makes it even more special because of course I have always wanted to go there. Weelicious is my favorite go to site for kid friendly, healthy recipes. If you haven’t checked Weelicious out go over and try out one of Catherine’s awesome recipes!

I look foward to trying the vanilla products I received. Which to choose first? Vanilla syrup, vanilla paste, vanilla beans, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract? I got a recipe book and a gorgeous tea towel as well. And for someone who would never, ever treat herself to such wonderful products it really is special!!




Be on the look out for a vanilla recipe coming soon!